Someone should probably tell Brian Stelter that popping a chubby because a bunch of people watched the horrors of war on CNN is not a great look for any so-called journalist or pundit. We get it, Brian feels like they’re losing relevance (he blames YouTube and TikTok and not their crap reporting, which is adorbs) but claiming ’emergencies’ help their ratings … yeah, that sucks, even for him.

This is pretty damn ghoulish, Tater.

Sorry, Brian.

Oh, and he either knew it was eff’d up or figured it out when people started dragging TF out of him, because he blocked/disabled replies from anyone he does not follow.

Brave, eh?

Super important.



Don’t it?


Whoa … good catch.

It’s funny because honestly, disabling responses is almost worse. People will just ‘quote-tweet’ you which means more people see the response and then show up on your timeline to mock you for being a coward PLUS the crappy tweet.

Better to either not disable the responses or even tweet it all.

See what we mean?



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