C’mon man, ain’t nobody really ‘glad’ Biden is president.

Ok, maybe the people who are actually running the country are glad the old man who can’t remember that he’s the president and not a senator is there but even his poll numbers tell us Americans, in general, are not pleased with him.

See, Obama’s guy David Plouffe just proved our point:

And there’s a reason …

Well yeah, there’s that. But he’s also an Obama guy and whether Democrats want to admit it or not, we’re looking at Obama’s third term right now.

His sh*ttiest term yet because the old white guy will take the fall if and when his ideas and plans fail.

See Afghanistan.

Good point.

None of this crap happened under the mean orange president.

But hey, HIS TWEETS.

Or Susan Rice.

Or Valerie Jarrett.

Or Obama himself.

He can’t.



And if you do, you should NEVER tweet.

Good advice.



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