Silly media, we see YOU.

Granted, we’ve been ‘seeing’ you all for decades now but this is just a blatant and obnoxious attempt to scare the crap out of the masses for clicks and taps. Look at these headlines about the unvaccinated and Omicron …

This reminds us of the scene where Dr. Evil demands one million dollars and he just gets laughed at.

40 times more likely!

29 times more likely!

11 times more likely!



Guess the media are getting tired of getting laughed at?

Too bad we’re laughing more than ever.

Stop lying to Americans and maybe people will start listening? Stop politicizing mitigation and maybe people will listen?

Crazy talk.

The CDC and media (and bureaucrats, Democrats, administrators, public health officials, etc) deserve one another.

Ding ding ding.

And they’d still blame COVID.

ThE eXpErTs SaY

We’ve all been noticing, but when you see them all lined up like that, it’s really something else. You’d think they’d have at least sat down and tried to come up with some sort of talking point they could all agree on so we didn’t just sit back and laugh at them and their …

Eleventy BILLION cases!



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