Eric Swalwell just keeps stepping on his own … foot.


If he’s not threatening to nuke Americans, he’s in an ‘alarming’ relationship with a Chinese spy, or he’s farting on national television. It’s stunning, and not in a good way, that Democrats continue to vote for this yutz.

But these are the same people who voted for President Silver Alert so we suppose it’s not in the least bit surprising.

When Rep. Lauren Boebert reminded the House about Swalwell’s questionable relationship with an actual Chinese SPY he got very defensive … on Twitter:


Ok, so we’re not supposed to use our own tweets but this is so much easier than grabbing another screenshot …

They didn’t raid his house because he’s a Democrat.

Sorry, not sorry.

And clearly, the FBI was alarmed by this relationship enough to END IT.

Captain Mega Mouth.

That could work.



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