As Americans woke up to coverage of the rich elite attending the Met Gala without a mask in sight (unless you were an assistant, the media in attendance, or ‘the help’), MSBNC’s Katty Kay was interviewing the High Priest of COVID, Fauci, about how CRAZY it is Americans are allowed to travel freely without showing their papers.

In case you were wondering how awful and stupid everything has really gotten.

Watch this:

MSNBC is gonna MSNBC.

But c’mon.

It’s crazy that Americans can travel freely?! REALLY?!

And Fauci all but threatening that it’s being considered?

Screw these people.


Or something.

Yes, he is.

We are living in exceptionally stupid times.

Oh, it got worse.

Which means never.

They will never stop pushing this crap because they love the power.

Smug little douche.




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