As if you all needed another reason to point and laugh at Terry McAuliffe.

We would say we can’t believe Virginia Democrats are running this guy but these are the same people who allowed Ralph Northam to remain governor after showing the world how he put on blackface. Remember when his wife stopped him from doing the moonwalk?

Yeah, Virginia has really picked some losers in the last decade.

Case in point:

Says the guy with zero capacity to govern.

McAuliffe lied? Color us shocked.

Northam literally admitted to being in that picture and claimed he couldn’t remember which one was him. THEN he admitted he dressed up as Michael Jackson for Halloween one year, which was his admitting to wearing blackface either way.

You’d think McAuliffe would know this since you know, the guy literally endorsed him.



Nah, just dishonest AF.

We’re going to bet he did not.

That. ^



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