As Twitchy readers know, Louis Farrakhan is telling Black communities NOT to get the COVID-19 shot because he doesn’t trust the government. And as our dear readers also know, morons on the Left have been telling us that only redneck, backward, white, straight, Trump supporters/Republicans are refusing the shot.

Like Max Boot, who wrote an entire opinion piece about Republicans being anti-vaxxers and a ‘big problem for the whole country.’

Journo Miranda Devine called Boot out in a YUGE way:

Boot doesn’t care about reality.

Boot cares about his own agenda and narrative.

And even though Trump isn’t president anymore, Boot still feels the need to hate the people who supported the former president because let’s face it, the guy is broken.

Gosh, it looks like the majority of people vaccinated are white and non-Hispanic.

But you know, it’s those evil white people who voted for Trump who are refusing the shot. REEEEE!

Minus Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam who are, you know, well-known Republican voters.


Could Max Boot’s timing have been ANY worse?



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