You know, this really shouldn’t be funny … but if we don’t keep laughing at this sort of nonsense we’ll quite frankly never stop throwing up.

Remember when the news broke about Governor Ralph Northam (who endorsed Terry McAuliffe, gotta make sure and mention that for this editor’s fellow Virginians) either being caught in blackface or dressing as a Klansman and some yahoos in the media said he was a Republican?


This doesn’t surprise her one bit coming from Republicans.

FFS. Really?

Oh honey, TRUST US, Democrats can have Sheldon.

She did delete the tweet and then tried to claim Democrats HOLD THEIR RACISTS accountable …

But then deleted THIS one.

And tried again.

Deleted that one too – we weren’t fast enough to grab the third tweet, unfortunately.


For holding this guy accountable she sure deletes a lot of tweets.

They are fewer and fewer.



To be fair, we typically do not write about randos and nobodies on Twitter UNLESS the tweet in question is just that funny … or in this case, proves a point about the absolutely terrifying amount of bias and misinformation people are being fed 24/7.

Really, it’s not Brenda’s fault she didn’t know better. Ok, so in a way it is (just Google this crap, people ) but her tweet is indicative of a bigger and more troubling problem, one that we on the Right must begin to solve NOW.



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