Oh … look.

It’s another picture of fully-vaccinated Joe Biden wearing two masks socially distanced from other fully-vaccinated and fully-masked people.


We all know they’re vaccinated.

Why TF do they keep posing for these pictures fully masked? It just makes us all mad and/or makes us question the effectiveness of the vaccine they so badly want us to take. Get a grip, folks.

Jim Geraghty said it far better (as usual):

Biden, dude … YOU’VE BEEN VACCINATED FOR MONTHS. Take the damn mask off.

It’s just embarrassing at this point.

Ok, wait. It’s been embarrassing long before this point but you catch our drift.


The virtue signaling will never ever be enough! ARGLE BARGLE RAR!

Trump bad!

Masks good!

Hrm, maybe a third cup of coffee was a mistake for this editor today.

It’s all theatre at this point.

Especially now that the CDC has come out with new guidance around those who are vaccinated and we all KNOW these yahoos are fully-vaccinated and have been for MONTHS.

Time to get back to life, Joe.



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