When Twitter shows you who they REALLY are, believe them. Funny how Twitter decided Trump tweeting was too dangerous but they were not only AOK with Pakistani actress Veena Malik writing anti-Semitic tweets claiming to LITERALLY QUOTE HITLER, but she’s verified.

She has a pretty blue checkmark by her name which tells us Twitter is AOK with what she writes. They’ve admitted as much.

This is pretty damn blatant and awful:

Can always count on Andy to share the worst of the worst.

Wow. So it’s worse … she didn’t even really quote Hitler, she just wrote something awful and attributed it to him. Does that make her ‘literally Hitler’?


Meanwhile, Conservatives have been suspended for using the word ‘pansy’.

Oh, most definitely they will.

Heck, we didn’t see this until today, two days later.

Note, it appears the tweet has since been removed but yes, her account is still active and tweeting nonstop …

Unlike Trump who was thusly removed.

We see you, Twitter.


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