It’s articles like this that had people convinced COVID would be the end of this country. Or at least the end of the Trump presidency.


Seriously, this New York Times article doesn’t show a vaccine for the virus until 2033!!! This editor would have been … well, old.

But Trump didn’t allow for that and he pushed forward – and now Biden takes all the credit.

Of course.

Check out this thread on the article:

So per the NYT, they should only be in the ‘academic research’ phase right now.

Alrighty then.


Anything to make Americans feel hopeless.

This really is gross.

They didn’t want us to have any hope. If people thought Trump might come through with the vaccine then he’d look like he was solving or solved the pandemic. The powers that be in the media and on the Left needed it to feel like an uphill battle that couldn’t be won.

Except if they were magically elected.

Or they have a narrative that’s more important than the science.

*adjusts tinfoil*

It’s not baffling when you understand what their goal was.

And it wasn’t informing people about the realistic timeline for a vaccine.



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