While CDC Director Rochelle Walensky spends her press time fighting back the tears and telling America she’s scared and feeling doom about COVID in general, states like Florida, Wyoming, and Texas who opened up fully and dumped mask mandates are living the life that all Americans should be living.


And with improving data to show for it, especially in Texas.

Dr. David Samadi was good enough to share the good news:


He’s right.

If you’re not pushing fear 24/7 on Twitter and dare to give hope to anyone they may well remove you from their supposedly unbiased platform.

Ahem … Even COVID doesn’t want to mess with Texas. Too much? Heh.

So we’ll draw our own conclusions as he instructs and say lockdowns and masks really don’t seem to be working.

See California for example.

COVID is scared of food and drink.

And you can’t catch it if you’re protesting for a liberal agenda.

Yeah, that’s it.

Ding ding ding.

Sure seems that way.



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