So Voter ID isn’t racist.

Gosh … we’re shocked.

Oh, wait. Nope.

Thinking minorities are too stupid to get an ID (or use the Internet, ahem Biden) actually IS racist.

Luckily, most of America gets it:

Three out of four Americans support Voter ID.

You wouldn’t know it by the way the media writes about it though … as Brit Hume pointed out:

Or is it the other way around?

How about we just agree they all suck and get to work passing Voter ID legislation for every state in this country?

Only people disagreeing with Voter ID have an agenda … and that’s how they can get as many votes as possible, even if those votes are from dead people, illegal immigrants, nursing home residents who have no idea they’ve even voted.

It has to stop.

Common sense, right?

Which is probably why Democrats and media oppose it so much.



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