Glenn Greenwald’s point about CNN, and Brian Stelter especially, needing a ‘new Trump’ is pretty spot on. For the past year even we wrote about how much the media actually needed Trump to win in 2020 …

Turns out we were both right but Glenn said it way better.

And he knocked Tater around a little so it made us smile.

Brian knows they need a new ‘orange man’ to obsess over for their angry viewers desperate to shake their fists at someone again. And God knows they won’t go after Biden.

Sad, ain’t it?

There is no principle here.

They just don’t care if people call them out for it.

But TUCKER bad!

Hrm, that doesn’t work as well as ‘orange man bad.’


Ding ding ding.

Brian responded …

Sinister motives?


And c’mon man, we’ve seen the ratings, that drop is way more than just pre-election.

Glenn came back with the TKO.


Gonna leave a mark.



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