We have been writing SO MUCH about the evil-incarnate aka teacher’s unions we thought we’d share a thread from a teacher who DARED be a conservative in any way, shape, or form so the mob is trying to come for him.

And he ain’t having any of it.

This is a great thread:

Keep going.



We’ve been informed by our betters that these are now bad things.

*all the eye rolls*

Unlike other teachers who are more than happy to share BLM videos in their classrooms and complain about Trump openly.

But we digress.

Careful not to misgender them.

*and another eye-roll*

People have too much free time on their hands.

And too little brains in their heads.

Narrative doesn’t care about reality.

Karl Marx coming after a teacher who cherishes individualism.

No, you can’t make this up.


The largest minority IS the individual.

Damn straight.

We are officially in one of the dumbest and weakest times in the history of this country.

Looks like someone writing with their head stuck up their backside.

Whoa. A real conversation? A real learning experience?


Unheard of in 2021.

We have to take a stand.

Hell yeah.

Seriously, go read it.

Ok, this guy is one helluva teacher.


No wonder they are trying to shut him down, God knows we can’t have teachers encouraging our young people to think for themselves and know real history.



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