Public unions are a cancer in this country.


When any profession that takes tax dollars to pay their workers has the power to hold Americans hostage? Yeah … that’s not good. From teachers’ unions fighting to keep children out of the classroom to police unions protecting the worst of the worst when it comes to police officers, there is a real problem here.

They suck.

Drew Holden was good enough to share a side-by-side screenshot illustrating this very point:

Thousands of kids being kept out of classrooms in Chicago by the teachers union.

A nine-year-old pepper sprayed ‘made a decision’ according to the police union president in Rochester.


We seem to remember a whole effort to defund the police for not doing their jobs … does that mean we should be working to defund our teachers? Is that how this works?


Public unions should be dismantled.


Seems pretty simple, yeah?

They are too powerful and more concerned about lining their own pockets than they are with serving the people they supposedly represent anyway. Psh, even FDR knew it was a mistake for government employees to unionize.

Just sayin’.



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