Ok, does it sound like Chris Murphy is blaming the military for yesterday’s protest to you guys? Because it sorta seems like he is to this editor …

We get it, Democrats hate the military and are probably itching to cut their budget and start bowing to our enemies in China and Iran again BUT c’mon man, this is just cheap.

Then again it is Chris Murphy we’re talking about.

See what we mean? They never let a crisis got to waste.

If only Chris would you know, do a little research before asking a stupid question and YES, there is such a thing as a stupid question. We refer you to AOC’s timeline on any day of the week.


So that’s why, Chris.

Assclown. Now, that is an insult we don’t hear often enough.


Freakin’ slow drivers in the left lane.

Note, here is where we typically highlight others who realize how stupid Chris is BUT the number of people on his thread who are as stupid if not stupider than him is impressive … and not in a good way. If you’re bored we suggest you wander over and read through the replies but we just can’t put all of our readers through that amount of stupid. Especially after we JUST wrote about AOC.

You understand.



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