Anyone who calls themselves a ‘conservative’ but champions the idea of helping Democrats win in Georgia is far from a conservative.

So the narrative the Never Trump movement has been pushing for four years, that they are somehow conserving conservatism, is bullsh*t.

But we all knew that.

Like this from Amanda Carpenter:

Where is Amanda getting the idea that conservatives are desperate to unite with Never Trump for anything? We get it, they want to feel important since they may not have the bad orange man to b*tch about 24/7 for clicks and taps, but hosing the entire country over that sort of pettiness seems pretty … well, petty.

And very Never Trump.

Perhaps they should just admit they’re Democrats and be done with it.

C’mon, aren’t all conservatives?

Oh, wait.

But then the outlets would stop pretending she matters; they love to talk to ‘conservatives’ who act like Democrats.

Never Trump just basically ‘never Trumped’ themselves out of relevancy.



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