Wow, we really need to talk to this William Bradley guy in Michigan as it seems he has discovered the secret of voting from beyond the grave.

At least that’s what this looks like …

Granted, he had to vote absentee because you know, if ol’ Bill had dragged his dead self up out of the grave and wandered in to vote people would probably think he had COVID and run like Hell.

This is nuts, right?

Sure, Fleccas could have created these screenshots BUUUUUT he was good enough to record himself literally filling in the data.


Who knew Biden’s agenda of raising taxes and opening the borders would appeal to dead people?

Oh but wait, there’s more.

Because of course there is.

Can’t keep a good Democrat down, right June?

Not even when you’re DEAD.

Now, could this be a fluke? Totally. Do we know where the names came from? Nope. And is this definitely happening? We can’t say for certain because God knows the traditional media isn’t interested in looking into this but it sure looks fishy to this editor.

Let’s be honest, does anything feel 100% legit right now?

*runs screaming from the room*

Psh, didn’t you know that we must allow dead people to vote? Otherwise, we’re suppressing them?