We’ve written about Leah Torres before. She’s likely the most pro-abortion person we’ve seen on social media which isn’t a great thing to be known for. Oh, and did we mention she recently lost her license to practice medicine in Alabama?

From AL.com:

The Alabama Board of Medical Examiners has denied the application to practice medicine for the medical director of a Tuscaloosa abortion clinic.

Dr. Leah N. Torres, who has been serving as medical director of the West Alabama Women’s Center under a temporary license, made fraudulent statements in her application, the board said.

The Board denied an application for a certificate of qualification on Aug. 19, and on Aug. 27 temporarily suspended her license to practice medicine “until a hearing is held on the allegations against her.”

Fraudulent statements on her application? Hrm.

Welp, this time around she is comparing pregnancy to a broken leg to prove abortion on demand is just like health care on demand.

Don’t make that face, we didn’t tweet it.

Pregnancy isn’t an illness, ‘doc’.

Oh, wait, not doc.

Pro-aborts don’t accept reality, otherwise, they wouldn’t be pro-abortion.

She is wrong.

But we don’t doubt that she’s not sorry.

Oh no, she’s tweeted far worse. She once bragged that a fetus can’t scream because she clips its vocal cords.

So we guess you could say this was tame for her.

Which is pretty damn awful.



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