Trump was the first president to enter the White House supporting gay marriage.

There is a huge amount of support for Trump in the LGBTQ community, especially from gay men.

So we’re not entirely sure why George Takei thought it was wise to dump on Eric Trump for saying he’s part of their community and offering them his support. Actually, that’s not true. We know exactly why he thought this was a good idea …

Chad Felix Greene was more than happy to not only take Sulu down a few notches but to share his book as well.


From Felix-Greene via

If you only viewed news reporting surrounding LGBT rights under the Trump Administration, without context, you would likely agree with nearly all LGBT advocacy and media voices that Trump has been devastating for the LGBT community. But is it true and accurate? It may be easy to take so many reports, spanning several years from 2017 to 2020, at face value and assume the number of incidents, perspectives, and news reports couldn’t be wrong. But what if they didn’t provide a full picture of what actually happened? Would the context and facts surrounding it change your perspective? During the freest and most accepting and celebrated time in modern history for LGBT Americans, the negative news surrounding the Trump administration’s treatment of LGBT people can be overwhelming and confusing, but viewed in context it begins to become clear that the story isn’t exactly how it is portrayed.

Of course, it’s not.

Just like every other ‘story’ the media, Hollywood, and the Left (we know, same difference) spin and push about the Trumps.

Give ’em Hell, Chad.

Maybe George should read a chapter or two.



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