As Twitchy readers know, Jake Tapper allegedly tried to talk GOP candidate Sean Parnell out of running against Conor Lamb, which many have said should be considered election interference. Seems the day this story broke, Jake was ‘obsessively’ texting Parnell to get him to make a statement dismissing the scandalous DM.

From Fox News:

CNN’s Jake Tapper has been pestering Republican congressional candidate Sean Parnell to issue a joint statement with him, as the “State of the Union” anchor tries to clean up the mess he created by attempting to talk Parnell out of running for a Western Pennsylvania House seat, according to multiple sources.

Tapper tried to convince Parnell not to run against incumbent Democrat Rep. Conor Lamb last year, suggesting that the U.S. Army combat veteran would be better off running in a safer district for Republicans. But Parnell didn’t take his advice and is challenging Lamb in the critical district.

That doesn’t sound like someone who doesn’t think they did anything wrong, you know?

Not a great look, Jake.

This would be the news nonstop for days … maybe weeks.

Fair point.

Parnell is quoted in the article:

“Well, I typically don’t make it a habit of talking about personal conversations, but I will tell you… back in October, I told Jake I had little interest in running in a safe Republican seat. Why would I run against one of my future Republican colleagues, that I consider friends, and they’re doing a good job,” Parnell told Levin. “I told him I had little interest in the status quo, and my mission is to take back the House, to take the gavel away from Nancy Pelosi, and give the power in this country back to the people. Ultimately, I wanted to give the people of Western Pennsylvania a voice in their political destinies because right now they don’t have one.”

Parnell added, “That’s what I told Jake back in October and my stance on it hasn’t really changed.”

Stay tuned.



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