President Trump has been seriously busy traveling all over the country, connecting with his supporters, and appealing to new voters, all while doing his everyday presidential duties like brokering peace in the Middle East. Unlike Joe Biden who spends so much time in his basement in front of a teleprompter that it’s breaking news if he leaves it.

Trump tweeted this out about Sleepy Joe:

The media make excuses for Biden when he doesn’t take their questions and even swoop in to save him on Twitter.

Like Bloomberg’s Jennifer Epstein:

Whoa, a whole three states.

Did he take questions?

Did he have an event?

Were there more than a dozen people listening?

Thank goodness Biden has the media to protect him from mean ol’ Trump, heh.

C’mon man!

Teleprompter for the win!

As you can see, ain’t nobody buyin’ her snark.

Tough time to be a journo … and they did it to themselves.



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