Nancy Pelosi claims she can’t find common ground with the GOP to help minorities and the disenfranchised in the new COVID stimulus because the GOP doesn’t ‘give a damn’ about those groups.

Yeah, she’s a disgusting liar but you all knew that.


The Botox has officially gone to her brain.

She seems to have forgotten about eating luxury ice cream in front of Americans who were scared they were losing their jobs and their homes. Nothing says you care about the poor like eating chocolate in front of them while they worry about where their next meal might come from.

Good ol’ Nancy Pe-LOSE-i.

Yes, that IS what this editor’s father in law calls Nancy and it couldn’t be more perfect.

Don’t look at us, man.

We just work here.

Deserved it, sure.

Are we surprised there was no pushback? Not at all.

And she knew there wouldn’t be.



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