Marianne Williamson tweeted a short thread about a social and political awakening in response to the Wall of Moms.

You know, the group in Portland that is falling apart because of racial tensions within the group?

Well, anyway, she thinks women should have a voice in the public realm … or something.

Except for that wall of moms isn’t really all ‘moms’ but keep going.

The economy is sexist.

*this is the tweet that ultimately got this editor blocked*

But wait, there’s more.

Marianne wants to empower women! Just not all of them …

As we said up there, she blocked this editor for asking her to ‘please’ not make the economy a sexist thing.

So is that sexist?

Asking for a friend.

Ok, so maybe it was a good thing Marianne blocked this editor.

Fox News? Really?



It did indeed.

Winner winner chicken dinner.



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