Pradheep J. Shanker shared an article from The Daily Beast in a thread about how America needs to open our schools.

Especially worth a read if you’re a parent getting ready to send your kid(s) back:



C’mon, America. Get it TOGETHER.

From The Daily Beast:

There is no perfect way to reopen schools during a pandemic. Even when a country has COVID-19 under control, there’s no guarantee that schools can reopen safely.

But the policies and practices of countries that have had some initial success with schools point in the same direction. It helps to slowly stage the reopening. Strict mask wearing and social distancing is critical, both in schools and surrounding communities. And both officials and families need reliable and up-to-date data so that they can continually assess outbreaks—and change course quickly if necessary.

We can do it.

Time to open our schools!



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