On Independence Day, S.E. Cupp was for some reason inspired to write a rather insulting, condescending and let’s face it, crappy letter to America and she called it ‘tough love.’

Yeah, I thought this was hot garbage served up in a flaming dumpster fire of stupid. What an ego on this broad thinking she can ‘love America as a child.’ BLAH BLAH BLAH. Luckily the ratio on her tweet and letter was not good so it wasn’t just me who felt like she should pour herself a nice, refreshing glass of STFU juice. BUT her letter did get me thinking about writing my own letter.

And not some letter scolding America and patting myself on the back for pretending I’m somehow above it all.

No, I wanted to write a real love letter to the country because let’s be honest, she’s getting beaten up more and more by ungrateful jagoffs who take her for granted, every day.

So here’s my letter, which is definitely a little different than Cupp’s:

Dear America,

You put up with a lot of crap.

No joke.

And over the past four months, I’ve watched people disrespect and literally try to harm you more than I’ve ever seen before. Mainly because they crave power more than anything, even if that means you’re beaten up, broken, or even destroyed in the process. Please know, the majority of Americans love and cherish you, as much as we love and cherish ourselves and our freedoms. There is no other country like you, and no matter how hard some groups push to ‘transform you,’ we will stand and fight to protect you.

Much like you protect us.

Please don’t listen to the haters, it seems like far too many of them have forgotten why we pledge allegiance to you. It’s almost as if they would prefer you pledge allegiance to them, and yeah no.

Thank you for all you’ve done for me and my family, I know I am blessed to call myself an American.



Know I will never apologize for my love of country and I will not bend the knee. I am a proud American and no amount of bullying or harassment will ever change that.

And it shouldn’t change you either.

With love and never-ending respect and gratitude,

Sam J.