Just a reminder that Alyssa Milano has been TDS-tweeting almost non-stop for four years.

And counting.

You’d think by now she’d have learned a lesson or two about how a tweet like this can backfire but apparently not:

Le sigh.

And they never will be.

Oooh, a bunch of clapping emojis so at least this person is trying to speak Alyssa’s language.

Oh yeah … that whole #MeToo thing.

Just a reminder that Alyssa was totally gung ho about the #MeToo movement until Biden was accused and then she decided she only believed CERTAIN women. Not that Alyssa was the only poser to do that but considering she was one of the most vocal haters during the Kavanaugh appointment she stands out.


These reminders are tough.

Well of course, it’s Alyssa Milano we’re talking about here.



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