Planned Parenthood endorsed Joe Biden.


Super shocked.

We were so shocked we almost fell out of our chair when we read it …

Ok, so that’s not true and honestly, we’d only be shocked if they didn’t endorse Creepy Uncle Joe because he has a fairly ‘moderate’ background when it comes to abortion policy. But you know, orange man bad and stuff and here we are.


That never happens.

Our health and our rights?

Don’cha love how Planned Parenthood is always trying to tie health and rights to the slaughter of the innocent unborn? Somehow pretending it’s a RIGHT to take another life …

It really makes women look weak and selfish, just sayin’.

Oh, something else sort of ‘weak’ if you’re a gung-ho Planned Parenthood supporter:

Voted against rape and incest exceptions …

No way Democrats really think he’s the guy, right? This is nuts.


Almost like they only care about the D by his name, not who he is or what his actual opinions on abortion may be.



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