Pretty sure if Rick Wilson is on your team you have NO PLACE lecturing others about decency.

Especially some lame-a*s ‘Army of the Decent.’ It’s like they put a ‘kick me’ sign on their backs and wandered out into social media.


You know, Rick Wilson is not the first person we think of when we hear the word, ‘decent’.

Huh, it’s been deleted.

Welp, since we’re givers here at Twitchy, here ya’ go:

We have NO IDEA what this was in reference to or the context but it’s pretty typical of Rick’s timeline. And that’s fine if he wants to be a miserable troll pretending he’s somehow righteous for being pretty unbearable on Twitter in general but considering his connection to The Lincoln Project?

Seems pretty hypocritical for them to pretend they have the market cornered on decency.

Just sayin’.

Ooooh, is it?

Right? Imagine if they fought this hard against the Left. Then again, those sweet donations would dry up if they did so …

There there.

We snorted.

We couldn’t help ourselves.



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