In case you were wondering, yes, yes everything IS getting dumber.

Maybe it’s the lockdown, maybe it’s the constant fighting … maybe we’ve always been this annoying but didn’t realize it until we could see it firsthand in social media. Especially on Twitter. Knowing the parts of the uterus does not mean that one can or cannot be against abortion. People who push for more gun control, however, DO need to know what the laws on the books already say, otherwise they’re just making fools of themselves.

Case in point:

Well, she showed US.

Or not.

She can demand all she wants but her demands would be much more effective if she knew what the Hell she was demanding in the first place.

If you don’t know an ovary from a fallopian tube you can’t have an opinion on abortion.

Or something.

Not a damn thing.

Ooh! Ooh! We know!



Wait, what?




FYI, this is her pinned tweet:

Not even in the same ballpark BUT whatever makes her feel edgy and empowered or something.



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