Brandon Darby was good enough to point out what many of us are seeing in the people who are insisting America stay locked down, especially when things like #RIPAmerica and #TrumpsDepression start trending on Twitter. We’ve always had our doubts about whether or not the Left really cares about saving lives, c’mon, it’s not like they’re known for valuing life, especially if that life is somehow inconvenient. But seeing the way those who supposedly CARE SO MUCH ABOUT AMERICANS use the repercussions of the lockdowns to attack Trump … welp, that sort of proves our cynicism right.

Brandon said it far better:

One has to wonder if these same people would want America locked down if it weren’t an election year.

Who needs hysterics when you have the truth?

And it’s looking like this is what they’ve wanted from the get-go.

Awful, we know.

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