Sen. Rand Paul has had enough of the constant fear-mongering, doomsday prophets … especially when they’re suggesting kids miss an entire year of school.

At least that’s the impression he gives us while interviewing Dr. Fauci.

Side note: Rand is freakin’ ROCKING that beard, right?!


Fauci doesn’t want kids to go back to school?


And to Rand’s point, there are underprivileged kids who don’t have a parent at home who can help them who would lose an entire year of education which would impact their entire lives.

Time to listen to a few more experts, Fauci.

No offense.

Even Northam of all people has figured out to look at regions within the state when moving into Phase 1. If he can figure it out?

C’mon, Fauci.

We have definitely seen far too many people who are AOK with surrendering their freedoms for a little bit of security, even if that security is not guaranteed.

And it’s pretty damn troubling.

It was the beard, right?




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