Is it our imagination or does Senator Tammy Duckworth always seem to be about two or three days behind in her annoying Leftist talking points? Perhaps if she’d just watch a couple of Trump’s daily briefings she’d know her tweet is a flat-out lie.

Then again, she’d have to actually care that she’s pushing a lie in the first place and we all know as long as it hurts Trump she’s not overly concerned about whether or not it’s the truth.

Take a look.

Donald Trump’s basic responsibility is implementing and enforcing the laws passed by Congress.

She should know better.

Also, notice how in one breath she’s blaming Trump for all the deaths and in the next, she’s saying governors need to fight the public health crisis?

Notice the MD.


Like many Democrats, Tammy’s track record is not great when it comes to telling the truth.

About anything.

The same Governor Cuomo who has said no one has died in his state for lack of a bed or ventilator? The state hardest hit by the virus?



Undergrad wackadoodle.

That works.

Notice she leaves that little tidbit out.



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