When both state and the federal government originally decided to ‘shutdown’ the country, it was about flattening the curve so the medical community didn’t get overwhelmed with COVID patients. But now that we’ve done this in many communities across the country Democrats are suddenly asking for much more than just the flattening … they want a guarantee of ‘a safe world’.

Because you know, the world was SUPER safe before the virus and stuff.

Kimberley Strassel wrote about it perfectly:

From the Wall Street Journal:

By these standards, no lockdown may end until the Trump administration can “guarantee” a “safe” world in which people return to “normal.” The feds must stand up a testing system capable of hunting down and snuffing out each new infection. There can be no more outbreaks, and reopening cannot “significantly add” to existing counts (and the press reserves the authority to define “significantly.”) The unsaid corollary is that Mr. Trump will be held politically responsible for reopening in any way that fails to meet these baselines—on the hook for each subsequent death.

Talk about moving goalposts. A month ago, the administration announced its 15-day plan to “flatten the curve” and “slow the spread” of the virus. Examine those phrases. The goal of the shutdown was never to eradicate the disease—an impossibility absent a vaccine. The lockdown was designed to buy the health sector time, to make sure all the cases didn’t hit at once in a crush that would overwhelm hospitals, à la Italy.

They keep moving the goalposts so they can blame Trump one way or another. Either he opens the country too soon and more people get sick OR he waits too long and the economy crashes. It is a political gimme in the Dems’ eyes.

After all, their mantra is never let a crisis go to waste.

They don’t care.

We see you, Democrats.



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