WIRED actually gave credit to the right-wing for suspecting (knowing) that the World Health Organization (WHO) deliberately misled the world on how dangerous the Coronavirus really is. Granted, they also dragged and trashed them claiming it was a ‘stunt’ to pin the blame for the virus on the WHO …

What the EFF, right?


This is a familiar right-wing move: subject international institutions to scrutiny that, if all goes according to plan, can be used to justify cutting their funding. Then, as the script typically unfolds, global governance fans like me spring to the defense of these institutions.

In this case, though, I’m partly in sync with the right-wing move. I don’t agree with Scott that we should do the investigation ASAP (since at the moment both we and the World Health Organization are kind of, um, busy). And I’m not in favor of cutting WHO funding. I’m also not nearly as sure as Scott that WHO is guilty as charged. But the organization could have performed better in the early stages of the contagion, and there’s at least some reason to suspect that people at WHO knowingly and consequentially misled us.

The right is INSANE … but they were right this time.

We’re insane because we’re USUALLY right and get attacked and ridiculed for it until after the fact, but we digress.

It’s like they gave the right credit but couldn’t do it without insulting the group.


Just about sums it up.




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