Wait a tic’.

Is Balaji S. Srinivasan suggesting citizen journalists are as good as if not superior to traditional journalists?! That as we move forward especially with reporting on things like the Coronavirus we should look to our citizens as much as if not more so than the traditional media?

We agree.

Especially when you see stunts like the one CBS News pulled with showing footage from an Italian hospital while talking about the outbreak in NYC.

Guess Vlad Savov, a traditional journalist, didn’t much care for Balaji’s idea:

And this is why we hate them.

Well, one of the reasons. Every day it’s like they come up with a new reason for us to make fun of, mock, distrust and even dislike them.

How DARE any citizen journo think they’re equal to a real journo! LOL

You almost wonder if Vlad here held his pinky up while tweeting about the little people.

The bloggers.


We’d trust a blogger over the traditional media any day.


It’s true.

Darn you citizen chefs!

Watch those approval numbers continue to go down and down and down.

Keep it up, media!



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