This editor has decided until the country is back to normal (whatever the Hell that is) we will be writing about our favorite parody account, Sean Spicier, once a week because dammit, we need to laugh. And sadly there seems to be a shortage of things that make us laugh right now …

And c’mon, what’s funnier than watching a bunch of batsh*t lefties losing their marbles over an account they think actually belongs to Sean Spicer because they’re either too emotional or too stupid to look for the little blue check. Hell, even Spicier’s bio says he’s not him.

Which of course is what keeps this being so damn funny.

We hope you laugh as much as we did writing this.

Especially since he just freakin’ obliterated Nancy Pelosi:

He didn’t work for Obama either.

They are OBSESSED with his dancing.

And WTF with the murder charges?

See what we mean? OBSESSED.

Imagine telling a parody they are the ones who suck at Twitter because you think he’s the real deal.


Bush boy?

Is that a bunny joke?

These poor, brain-washed, uninformed yahoos … they will never get it.

Nancy is the reason it was blocked. Benny.

We don’t even know what to say here, lol.

We’re sure the PARODY is crushed.


Maybe climate cooling? We can’t keep up with it either.

So mad.

Bigot? Huh?

You know what, never mind.

And yet here this person is, responding to a parody of the guy who supposedly isn’t relevant.



We KNEW it! Professor Plum did it in the Conservatory with the lead pipe! Did we win? We won, right?

Ain’t they sweethearts?



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