Former Democratic presidential candidate Senator Amy Klobuchar announced earlier today that her husband has tested positive for coronvirus.


I have news that many Americans are facing right now: my husband John has the coronavirus. We just got the test results at 7 a.m. this morning. While I cannot see him and he is of course cut off from all visitors, our daughter Abigail and I are constantly calling and texting and emailing. We love him very much and pray for his recovery. He is exhausted and sick but a very strong and resilient person.

John started to feel sick when I was in Minnesota and he was in Washington D.C. and like so many others who have had the disease, he thought it was just a cold. Yet he immediately quarantined himself just in case and stopped going to his job teaching in Baltimore. He kept having a temperature and a bad, bad cough and when he started coughing up blood he got a test and a chest X-ray and they checked him into a hospital in Virginia because of a variety of things including very low oxygen levels which haven’t really improved. He now has pneumonia and is on oxygen but not a ventilator.

And unlike the Left’s behavior when Sen. Rand Paul announced he had tested positive, the Right was front and center offering her their prayers, support, and love.

Because as much as they like to pretend WE’RE the hateful party, that’s just not so.

So many racists, sexists, haters, and bigots!


Prayers up for your family, senator.

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