Bots, bots everywhere, but not a drop to drink … yet. Sorry, that’s a play on a quote from ‘Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory,’ when he’s talking about the Fizzy Lifting Drinks. Ok, so maybe I’ve been ‘locked down’ a little too long with my DVR but it seemed to fit, especially when I’m writing about bots.

Troll accounts.


Useless accounts set out on Twitter to annoy, exhaust, and even report people into suspension. As an account with a decent following on Twitter, I tend to see more bots than your average user … lucky me. I saw a bunch of them during the Impeachment nonsense, especially if I went after Adam Schiff for Brains at all.

Jim Treacher’s got it right:

It’s bad out there and this makes total sense. China definitely does not want to be responsible for what is happening with the virus they ‘unleashed’ so it only makes sense their little bots are out trying to shut down anyone willing to call it what it really is.

And we all know how ‘good’ China is when it comes to propaganda.


OK, that really shouldn’t be funny but it is. I have to laugh or I would never stop crying because our media would rather defend China than our own country because they hate Trump just that much.

Crazy out there, folks.

Stay frosty.

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