Darn, we’ll really miss out on all those ‘look at stupid Trump the coronavirus is his fault’ hot takes from our faves at Saturday Night Live.

Sounds like the show that used to be funny twenty or so years ago will not be back from hiatus until further notice because of the coronavirus.

So there is a bright spot in all of this:

From CNN:

The NBC variety series, which was scheduled to return from hiatus on March 28, will not resume production until further notice, the network said on Monday.

‘It’s unclear if the show will return since there were only six episodes left this season, the show’s 45th on air.

An NBC spokesperson confirmed that the show will monitor the situation closely and make decisions on a week-to-week basis.

Not the end of the world.

Who knew?

Poor SNL.

Never-ending, right?

Hey, Katie Hill has it.

CNN hasn’t shut down … yet.

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