It takes a serious low-life, disgusting person to make the traditional media look good in light of the way the coronavirus is being covered but Dan Kois from Slate managed to pull it off.

What did Michelle Obama say again? About going low and lower?

Unreal this garbage:


All over America, the coronavirus is revealing, or at least reminding us, just how much of contemporary American life is bullshit, with power structures built on punishment and fear as opposed to our best interest. Whenever the government or a corporation benevolently withdraws some punitive threat because of the coronavirus, it’s a signal that there was never any good reason for that threat to exist in the first place.

Each day of this public health crisis brings a new example. People thrown in jail for minor offenses? San Antonio is one of many jurisdictions to announce that, to keep jails from being crowded with sick citizens, they’ll stop doing that. Why were they doing it in the first place?

The federal government charging interest on loans to attend college? Well, Donald Trump has instructed government agencies who administer loans to waive interest accrual for the duration of the crisis. But why on earth is our government charging its own citizens interest anyway?

Oh we dunno, because they borrowed money and that’s how it works?

Hey, the country is facing unprecedented panic so yeah, now is totally the time to crap all over it.

We’d ask what the Hell is wrong with these people but we’re pretty sure we don’t wanna know.

Yeah yeah, we get it, Slate sucks. But still.



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