It takes a truly soulless garbage person to try and score political points by terrifying the very people who elected them to represent them and their best interests.

Seriously, how can people keep voting for Sen. Chris Murphy?

The guy is … well, he’a an as*hole. We won’t sugarcoat it.

Look at this:

Chris is one of the worst.


And c’mon Democrats, make up your damn minds. When Trump wanted to ban travel from China you screamed XENOPHOBIA, then you claimed he wasn’t doing enough, then when he did more you screamed RACISM. Just be honest, you don’t care if Americans are ok or not, you just care about hurting Trump and the economy so you can win in November.

Yup we said it.

Deal with it.


That’s him.



Ted Cruz extends his coronavirus self-quarantine and once AGAIN the Left shows us who they REALLY are