Buzzfeed is gonna Buzzfeed but wow …

From Buzzfeed:

Let’s stop here for a quick math-check: $500,000,000 split between 327,000,000 people = $1.53 per person, not $1 million per person. For $1.53, you can buy a small can of Pringles, use a dryer at a laundromat for 48 minutes, or pay for an hour of street parking in some neighborhoods in New York City.

Though the point about big money in politics came across, the bad math in the tweet was widely ridiculed — as was the fact that the tweet made it through what must have been several staffers on the show. (11th Hour executive producer Jack Bohrer did not respond to a request for comment.)

In conclusion: Math is hard and everyone needs to relax! (Also, Mr. Bloomberg, sir, I think we will all still take $1.53 if you’re offering).

Yeah, everyone! Relax! These are just the same people who have been mocking and treating Trump supporters like THEY’RE idiots for years and years now.

The only point that really came across is that Democrats can’t math.

Yes, yes it is.

Especially that Geometry crap. It’s the literal worst.




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