So is Virginia Heffernan really making the case that Joe Biden is an ok guy to be president because he’s a hot mess and that somehow ties into Catholic theology?


Did she really just compare Joe to ‘The Father’?

From the LA Times:

We’ve seen this gracious and ultimately progressive model of fatherhood from Joe Biden in recent days in his run for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Of course, a father is a father, and in this case a white one. Biden doesn’t speak from the political or social margins. Rather he speaks from the head of the table, where — likely as not — he’s having his pot roast served to him by a woman. And that woman may be simultaneously fighting off a lunging animal-rights protester, as Jill Biden, Joe’s wife, and Symone D. Sanders, his campaign advisor, did during Biden’s Super Tuesday speech.

But if we must have a white man as president, as we have had all but once in American history, let it be a well-intentioned one, a self-critical one, one who suffers with us.

If we must have a white man as president … really?

We almost feel sorry for him.