First, it was John Brennan talking about how awesome Joe Biden is and now it’s Susan Rice. Maybe these Democrats MISSED it, but Americans have plenty of reasons not to trust either of these yahoos’ endorsements.

Granted, it’s Democrats they’re pandering to and as we all know, they’re not always the brightest crayons in the box, but c’mon.

Susan even took it upon herself to write a pretty and frilly thread about Uncle Joe.

If he can remember what country he’s leading, sure.

Also, does it look like he’s sniffing her hair to you guys? OK, that was insensitive … OUR BAD.

No one is more qualified to take us back to a time when we bowed to our enemies and lied about videos being responsible for the murder of innocent Americans.

FIFH (fixed it for her).

Funny a woman who lied on five different talk shows and blamed a VIDEO for the murder of innocent Americans babbling about dignity, integrity, and normalcy.

And by funny we mean pathetic and shameful.

Trump isn’t scared of Biden.



Somebody has been.

See?! We’re not the only immature ones around here.

It truly is a lovely sight to behold.



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