If Bill Kristol is trying to inspire Bernie supporters to get out there and vote for socialism today, he succeeded. Did he really think shaming people who want to vote for the old socialist by comparing them to Biden voters would somehow change their minds? ‘Oh, you’re so right, old white guy who used to be a conservative but gave up your principles because orange man bad! I’ll totally listen to you,’ said no Lefty voter, EVER.

Or maybe he’s just trying to pat himself on the back for voting for a Democrat:

Way to make friends and influence people, Bill.

PS: Real conservatives would never vote for Biden or any Democrat because they know a liberal democracy is horsecrap of the highest horsecrap regard.

Guess how this went over?

This is sadly very true. Biden is their best shot?


And doggone it, people like me.


Winner winner chicken dinner.

Exactly. Clearly he learned nothing from the hordes of people who turned away from him on the Right after he talked down to them … just like what he’s doing here.




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