Greta Van Susteren doesn’t take any crap from anyone.

Gotta love it.

Seems she didn’t care for a troll account shaming her for tweeting anything that’s not somehow political. Because, you know, she shouldn’t dare tweet about ‘dumb cats’ or any other totally normal things other people tweet about.

In other words, she tweets what she WANTS.

And when it comes to kitties and puppies who can blame her?



We all should tweet what we want. True story, I like to tweet about my pup, Casper. At this point, I’ve come to accept that he is far more popular than I am and that if he could actually type he may well get more readers than I do. On that note, there have been a few times when people get crabby with me for not just focusing on politics or journalism.

And folks, just like Greta said, we all need a break.

Even cold-hearted evil rabbits like me.

See what I mean?