After last night’s Democratic Debate, someone took it upon themselves to go out to Mike Bloomberg’s Wikipedia page and make a pretty damn funny edit.

Granted, if someone reading his page missed the debate they won’t get the joke but since we sat through that train wreck, we kinda sorta totally love it.

Look closely.

Cause of death: Senator Elizabeth Warren.


And to think, this Twitter and Wikipedia are both still free.

So much cringe.

Anyone else notice she shakes like a very small, nervous, cold dog.

Sorry if that’s mean but this editor can’t help but notice it EVERY TIME she debates. And he thinks she can actually be president when she can barely even debate members of her own party? Painful.

And apparently she killed him LAST year.


No wonder he was so damn quiet last night.

Sad note: Thank goodness Smug grabbed a screenshot because someone has since corrected Bloomberg’s ‘death.’

But damn, that was funny.