You’d think Rep. Adam Schiff of all people would have learned a thing or two about how stupid it is to try and impeach a president if you don’t actually have a crime or something to charge him with that is impeachment-worthy. And we get it, his silly little party (and even candidates like Liz Warren) are threatening to impeach Trump again but C’MON … the man’s popularity went UP ten points the last time. Are they trying to get him reelected?

If so, thanks.

Huh? Trump seeing Governor Cuomo was somehow him trying to coerce states to stop their investigations? Wha? This is almost as silly as Nadler calling it ‘quid pro quo.’ Sorry guys, you can’t just keep yelling out crimes and hoping one of them will stick.


We hear Walmart is always hiring greeters.

Newsflash, you can’t impeach a president just because you don’t like him.

Seriously, time to move on, bro.



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